Monday, January 19, 2009

Tribute to Michael Porter - Jan. 11, 1970 - Oct. 23, 2007

Last week, I spent time with my friend Phylissa and her daughters. We were celebrating what would have been her husband's, Michael, birthday. Michael was a dynamic person. He was a husband, father, son, and friend. It did not matter what the problem or circumstance, Mike P, as he was often called, was always there to make you laugh. In fact, laughter was his ministry. He could be found making you laugh, as he cut your hair (he as a barber) or cutting a joke or two with the Pastor. Mike created Kingdom Laughs Entertainment, a Christian owned and operated business with the purpose of "Magnifyin g Spiritual gifts to the fullest through laughter".

Mike was a very special person to Man-child. He was more than a big brother and mentor. He was "that person" Man-child could always go to about anything. As we were talking, I had to share one of my Man-child stories with everyone. Late one August evening, Man-child came into my room after taking a shower and asked me "How come my penis keep sticking straight out". As he is asking me, my son is standing in front of me completely naked with a FULL ERECTION. I was speechless. I asked him, "What were you doing?" He said "I was rubbing it in the shower". All I could say was "Well, don't do it anymore". I was speechless for days. Can you imagine me all hot , shocked and frustrated first from seeing my son NAKED and then with a full erection? Uggggg.... A few days later in church, I saw Mike and he asked how were things going. When I explained what happened, he said "Don't worry, I'll take care of it". He took Man-child out and I guess they talked. Later that day, Mike called me and explained it in technical terms to me in case Man-child had any more questions. He said that he wanted me prepared for what would happen next and we talked for almost two hours.

Michael was called HOME the day after Man-child's 12th birthday. My son was heartbroken. He often becomes very withdrawn with the mention of Michael's name. In fact celebrating his birthday was very difficutl; but, I had to remind him that we have to celebrate all that Mike gave us and all that he was to us. I am grateful that we had someone like Michael in our life and I will carry him with me always.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Me, Man-child and the Computer

A few weeks ago, I noticed a pop up on my computer stating that my security with McAfee was about to expire. I was supposed to click some button to renew it at a cost of $69.95. Well, I did not know what the heck this was all about. So, I posted a SOS message to my Sistah friends on-line. Not only did they explain it to me but they gave me suggestion on what software to purchase. The next day during my lunch break, I run over to Office Depot to purchase the software. I am excited because I am going to do this by-myself.

Enters Man-child. Now I will admit, I know NOTHING about the computer. I turn it on, go to what I want and that's it. At work, the IT person handles all problems. Anyway, I open the package to read about the software and how to install it. Man-child, in the deepest voice I have ever heard, says "Mommy, why are you being Stupid.. Just put the disc in the drive and follow the prompts". NO, HE DIDN'T CALL ME STUPID!!!! "Boy, who do you think you are talking to", I yell. "I Gotta read the information before I can do anything. And if you call me Stupid again I'mma knock your teeth out". He rolls his eyes and walks out of the room.

I sat at this computer for 20 minutes reading and looking for the disc drive and double checking everything. Man-child walks back in the room and says "Move over Mommy. He put the disc in, clicked a few buttons, we waited 10 minutes and it was installed. He patted me on the top of my head and said "It's ok... I love you too".

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 - Raising Man Child

It's 2009 and I have already achieved one of my goals... creating a blog. It's not just any blog. I am a single, mature female raising a teen-age Male child. I remember praying throughout my pregnancy for a male child. "Raising a boy is so much easier than girls", I thought. Let me be first to tell you that is not true. Some of the problems I have had to deal with have made my friends laugh out loud and shed tears. " You should write a book", they would say or " I hope you are keeping a journal". All I can do is shake my head and pray. Then they will smile and say " It will be OK, I been through something similar" or " He's just smelling himself, y'all will be alright". Well, it ain't alright because I am pre-menopausal. My hormones and his hormones are at WAR.

So I've decided to create blog to help me keep me sane as I raised my wonderful son and to help other who are raising kids. Next blog... I'll explain how difficult it was creating this blog and having to ask him for help.