Saturday, November 5, 2011

Controlling Temperatures

Fall has officially arrived.  I love the colors of the leaves and the cool temperature.  I am discovering that the cool temperature in the house is causing some problems for the Man-child and I. 

I love to open the windows and let the “air” in.  He says it’s too cold.  In trying to keep the cost of the electric bill down, I have not turned on the furnace and I generally keep the thermostat set to 68 degrees.  Since mid-October, Man-child walks around the house with his hoody jacket –zipped up to his neck.   For me it is not cold at all – but then I have been having periodic “private summers,” so I am unaware of when it is too cold.  Well, yesterday, I finally broke down and turned the furnace on because the thermostat read 62 degrees.  After half an hour, I was hot.  He was smiling.  After an hour, I turned on the ceiling fan.  He took off his jacket and was smiling even harder.  Man-child said “Ma, its only 68 degrees”.  Woo hoo - that was my signal to shut it down.  He huff and puffed and put his jacket on.  I had the ceiling fan blowing.

Who is right? It’s going to be a long winter.