Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Preparing For The Summer

The school year is winding down very quickly. I am listening to everyone talk about their vacation plans. NOT ME!! With furlough days, rising gas and food prices, house repairs, increase medical cost, and a change in jobs have left me wondering just how we are going to make it. In addition, the car is on its final leg and I have had to get rental car for trips over 5 miles from the house for the last month. Instead of crying, like I want to do, I just take a deep breaths and start planning.

First, in June, Man-child will go Harvard University with his mentoring group. I am thinking of traveling to Hershey Park, in Hershey Pennsylvania cause we haven't been there since he was 6 years old. In July, I always attend the Harlem Book Festival. This is a trip that I usually take by myself but Man-child went last year and had a great time. I was just as suprised when he asked to go this year so I may try to stretch this trip for the entire weekend. In August, I thought about Ocean City, Maryland but Man-child hates the beach. I also thought that this trip may be costly since I have to start back-to-school shopping and preparing for his junior year. I am also saving money for a weekend excusion in September with a sistah friend to celebrate her birthday.

In between all of this, Man-child has been accepted to attend the Community College of Baltimore and we are waiting to hear from Johns Hopkins Engineering program. I am also holding the applications for two summer jobs for him. No matter which program, he will benefit and keep those brain cells active.

I have FAITH that this will be a great summer for both of us. I will probably also look for a part-time job for myself (I know, how am I going to fit it in but I will) along with clipping coupons and cutting back as much as I possibly can. Keep us lifted in Prayer and we'll be Praying for you too!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Man-child And The Wine Coolers

When ever I attend a book signing or conference, I have wonderful time. I love meeting my Sistah friends from across the country and discussing books. I was even more excited that the Romance Slam Jam was in my home town and everyone finally was able to meet Man-child.

When I came home, I was still giggleing just thinking of all the fun we had. But, something was not right. You know that feeling you get that something happened and no one wants to tell you. I looked around the house and I could not figure it out. After the second day, I went to the closet to get an umbrella and I found it. Five wine coolers were missing. At first, I thought my nephew was here and he took them. Or maybe my mom - but she would not drink five. Hmmmmmm.... I go into Man-child's room and said "Hey, do you know who took my wine coolers?" He started to grin like the cat who just caught the last mouse. BUSTED!! He did not have to say anything else. Then he started to stutter and before he could form a lie, I told him to button his lips.

At first, I laughed. I could not believe that my silly child not only took them but he could not hide the fact that he drank them. I could not be too mad because I remember when I drank half a bottle of my mom's wine when I was 16 years old and refilled the bottle with Sprite. I think my brothers got that whipping.

After being mad and venting on line with my sistah friends, I had to think of a punishment. First, I made him call one of my sistah friends, Donnie, who laid him out for twenty minutes; I took his cell phone for two weeks; I told him that he had to wait another month before he gets his driver's permit and finally, I made him attend an AA meeting at the church. He was so mad he actually turned RED. I told him that anything could have happened to him if he was outside of the house. He said, " I wasn't drunk they just made me sleepy". DUH -cause you were drunk. We talked about relatives with drinking problems and other dangers of drinking.

Well, after the AA meeting, I got the silent treatment and he refused to eat dinner for three nights. I said nothing. I am just breathing until the next episode.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Man-child and RSJ

This year the Romance Slam Jam (RSJ) was held in my home town of Baltimore. Like every year, I was excited to see all of my friends and favorite romance authors. I decided that since everyone was in town, I had to bring Man-child. I have talked about him so much, I thought it was time for everyone to see the Love of My Life and Pain in My Side.

When I told him he was going to attend the luncheon, he said nothing. Man-child has been to many book signings and events with me. He asked "Are all your friends going to kiss me?" I told him that they probably would. The closer we got to the date, he also seemed to get excited. He must have asked me three times what he should wear. I finally picked out an outfit for him.

When Man-child arrived, he was all SMILES. He hugged everyone and he listened to them very closely. You would have thought he was a celebrity the way everyone began taking pictures.

He also liked meeting Cedric Bolton, Gwyneth Bolton's husband, who talked to him about college and differnt programs. During the Mega Book signing he found a book by B.A.Binns titled Pull and had it autographed.

The conference was wonderful and having Man-child spend one day with me made it even more special.