Monday, June 22, 2009

Choices And Accountablity

June has been a very busy month for me. I was preparing for the graduations of my niece and nephew from elementary school; my great niece from nursery school and of course, Man-child from middle school. I learned 4 days before his graduation that although Man-child had enough credits to graduate, he did not take his final exam. He said "He choose not take it". The school administrators decided to give him a project to complete to satisfy his requirement. He fooled around and did a half A&* job. As a result he was not allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. I was PISSED and I was prepared to let him repeat the 8th grade. But I quickly remembered "It was his choice". I insisted that he be held accountable for his actions. The schools administrator agreed to let him complete two projects as part of his summer enrichment program to satisfy the requirement. If I allow him to think that he will be given second chances and he can skirt by, then I am not doing my job as a parent. His choice has cost him his summer vacation, his computer and all graduation money. I can not and will not allow him to think that doing just enough is good enough and he has to be ACCOUNTABLE for everything that he does.

Next, we have been preparing for my brother and his family to move. Hallelujah. They found a town house that was one hour away from me. Each day they encounter a new problem - more money, problem with the house, and more. My brother said "We should have choose something else". I discovered that they make a lot of decisions with out thinking them over. Now, they are being held accountable for it.

What did I learn - I will go the extra mile to be successful and to help anyone that is in need. I reflected on Matthew 5:41 However, the choices and decision that we make will have a never lasting impact on the things you do tomorrow. You also have to be ACCOUNTABLE for every action and decision that you make.