Saturday, September 21, 2013

Adjustments - Part 1

It’s been a month since Man-child went to college.  And today, I am really missing him.  He has been home twice – once to pick up books that he ordered for class and another time to do his laundry.  I try not to call him- every day - or text.  I wait until he calls me –which is never as often as I would like L  But I am OK.

So here is what I know so far:
1.        He hates the food in the cafeteria.
2.       He tried out and made the Lacrosse practice team.
3.       He joined a mentoring group – Morgan M.I.L.E. (Men In Leadership and Excellence)
4.       Classes are okay
5.       And he said “it’s hard trying to eat and manage on a budget”

All in all, Man-child has adjusted very well to college life.   As for me – I am still adjusting.  I still come home and look for him.  I hate taking out the trash and I have had to cut the grass (YUCK).  The Rugrats miss him too and ask daily when he is coming home.   Sigh   

Pray for me!! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The start of a New Journey

It is hard to believe that the summer has come and gone so quickly.  Since Man-child’s graduation, everything has been moving at full speed.  There was little time for fun because he worked and I was engrossed in school.  Time proved that it waits for no one. In July, he spent a a week on campus to get acquainted with dorms, placement testing, selecting a schedule and meeting advisers.   He said it was no big deal but he enjoyed it.

Getting him ready for the fall semester was difficult.  There was the issue of whether he received enough financial aid to cover it, applying for loans and packing his things.  As always, Man –child moves at his own pace causing my anxiety level to increase.  Weeks, days went by quickly and we seemed to be at a stand-still.  All I could do was BREATH and continue to have faith.

Finally, the week arrived for him to check into the dorm and Man-child had not packed a thing.  Everything on my list was packed and waiting.  Man-child insisted that he had time.   As a matter of fact he waited until the day he was scheduled to move in to pack – correction to wash his clothes in order to pack.  Talk about going crazy. I should have listened to Debbi when she said “pack the dirty clothes and keep it moving”.  He moved at a snail’s pace.  I sat and watched and tried to be patient.  Then it hit me – maybe, he was nervous and was prolonging the move.  Hmmmm…… Nevertheless, he finally got it together, we packed the van and headed to Morgan State University.  Of course, he complained because I took pictures of everything but like I said, "Since I am paying for it, I can take as many pictures as I want". 

Man –child is a lot like me… he prefers to do it himself and not ask for help.  He would not let me carry anything to the room (the dorm doesn't have an elevator so he carried everything –including the refrigerator) by himself.  I tried to help him unpack and he only fussed some more.  I laughed when we met his roommate – a Washington Redskins fan.  Man child does not like football.   He unpacked that HUGE computer he spent the summer building and slowly began putting his side of the room together. I stood in the door and watched.  It was not until he hung a picture of the Beatles on his wall that my face drew a blank.   I was speechless and so was his roommate.   I was expecting a picture of one of those anime characters he likes or that Family Guy character that everyone thinks is funny. I smiled.   I realized then that my son was going to be more than alright.

The first week was difficult because he did not call at all.  When he finally called, the first thing he said was “it’s hard trying to take care of myself”.  I asked if he was having any problems and he just explained his trips to the bookstore, finding classes, remembering to eat, and checking his email.  He surprised me when he told me he registered for work study and a mentoring group.   Man child said he wanted to try to work to help with his tuition since he did not follow through with the scholarship applications.  I just smiled.  I also reminded him that school is still his first priority and the money will come. 

I have miss him being in the house and yelling at him just because I can.  I miss hearing that funny Japanese music he sometimes listen to.  I really miss my SON.   I am even more PROUD of the young man The Creator has Blessed me with raise.