Saturday, September 21, 2013

Adjustments - Part 1

It’s been a month since Man-child went to college.  And today, I am really missing him.  He has been home twice – once to pick up books that he ordered for class and another time to do his laundry.  I try not to call him- every day - or text.  I wait until he calls me –which is never as often as I would like L  But I am OK.

So here is what I know so far:
1.        He hates the food in the cafeteria.
2.       He tried out and made the Lacrosse practice team.
3.       He joined a mentoring group – Morgan M.I.L.E. (Men In Leadership and Excellence)
4.       Classes are okay
5.       And he said “it’s hard trying to eat and manage on a budget”

All in all, Man-child has adjusted very well to college life.   As for me – I am still adjusting.  I still come home and look for him.  I hate taking out the trash and I have had to cut the grass (YUCK).  The Rugrats miss him too and ask daily when he is coming home.   Sigh   

Pray for me!! 


  1. Good to hear that Man-Child is doing well. Mama will be fine=:)

  2. Cilla,

    You're doing great!! He's still adjusting too. I predict that you'll start to hear from him more soon. Hang in there!!

    Cathy A.

  3. You're both doing just fine.

  4. Great post. Please keep us posted. We have followed Manchild from Middle School and now he is in college. Great documentation .

  5. Hang in there. It gets better.

  6. Yes, it does get better. And it's good that he is close enough for those emergency visits when you both just need to see each other!