Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Remember.....

Today is Man-child's Fourteenth Birthday. WOW!!! Hallelujah!!!

I Remember.... going to the Inner Harbor everyday for lunch and having 1/2 lbs of steamed Shrimp with cole slaw and prune juice (Never had morning sickness) with his godmom, Paulette, who gained 20 lbs. (BTW, I gained 75 lbs and never regretted it)

I Remember...My MOM spoiling me with Steak every evening for dinner

I Remember... when my water broke - I had to have a tuna sandwich.

I Remember...breaking the rail on the hospital bed, because I was determined not to scream and yell so I just beat the crap out of the bed.

I Remember... my Aunt, Annette, arriving and playing the ocean water tape to relax me but it actually drove me crazy

I Remember ... after 22 hrs, begging for the epidural - and being scared

I Remember...having the c-section performed- and being scared

I Remember....when the Doctor placed him on my chest and he immediately began to nurse

I Remember... in the recovery room, Barry White's song "My First, My Last, My Everything" was playing on the radio and thinking "He is Soooo Right"

I Remember... crying - from being so overwhelmed with joy and Love - that I could not stop

I Remember... promising to raise him to be a God Fearing, Honest, Responsible, and Loving Man.

Happy Birthday to Brandon Geoffrey Bronson!!! Love ya more than words can express :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Man-child's Hair

I have discussed this many times in the last few weeks and I finally decided to put it to paper, sort to speak. Sometime back in early September, Man-child asked if he could get a Jheri Curl put into his hair. I ignored him. A few days later, he asked for a Mulette (ya know, that hair style Billy Ray Cyrus wore when he sang Achy Breaky Heart) - I ignored him again. Then, he asked for a perm.... OK.. What the Heck is going on!!!

I asked him "what in the Hayle is wrong with you"? Mind you, his hair is short, thick and mattered to his head. (think Sheep's Behind thick) Then I thought, "OK, he has been playing that Rock legend/Rock Band thingy and he wants to look like a Rock Star. He said "no, I just want my hair to be long". I ask, "Well, is it a girl that you are trying to impress". Again, he said "NO". Hmmmm.... I can clearly see that he is not happy.

I posted on line for advice from my Sistah friends. Of course, everyone laughed and said it's just a phase. I think the best recommendation was to let him get a perm and turn the water off so he could not rinse it out. (Honestly, it sounded good but I could not let him suffer like that -LOL) I also got the standard "Been there, done that" comment. Hmmmm .. .. do I continue to ignore him or go ahead and let him get a perm. So, I asked him again and he said "Mommy I think my hair line is receeding". I went through the "Not at 13 yrs old. speech and if it is receeding -THANKS TO MICHAEL JORDAN, Bald is sexy. I pointed out the rappers Common, LL Cool J, and a load of other Bald Sexy Men. He looked at me and said "But Mommy Little John and those other rappers got good hair - -- STOP... Put on the breaks _ Little John is from another planet - let's not got there. I even looked at a couple of those hair growth products- NOT. They start at $40 and go up. Shampoo that promotes hair growth cost $29.95. Uggggg - I am frustrated and speechless.

So, I continued to look at this boy with this long, woolly hair. Saturday, he was trying to comb it and the teeth broke. I said nothing. He went to the store and bought two new combs and this purple colored hair grease. I said nothing. For the last two days mornings, I have watched him attempt to comb his hair and said nothing. When he came home from school today, MAN-CHILD had gotten his hair cut - it's cut close but not bald. I asked him "What happened?" he said I stopped on my way home and got it cut. I asked " Where did you get the money?" He said "I saved some of my lunch money". All I could do was KISS him on the top of his head.