Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Maturing Man-Child

In late February, my family had to deal with another tragedy - my brother, Sam, had been shot. As head of my household and then head of my Family, I was overwhelmed and consumed with everything. I found myself on automatic pilot and did what needed to be done - organize other family members, talked to doctors, completed medical forms, talked to police detectives and social workers, and the list continued. All of this took place on the first day. I was so tired I could not see straight let alone gather my thoughts. Then, I realized late in the evening that I completely forgot about my son. I did not know whether I remembered to give him lunch money, or if he even ate dinner. I felt ashamed. I remember sitting at my Mom's dinning room table, with everyone asking questions about my brother. I asked "Where is Geoff"? No one knew. I asked again but everyone was talking and questioning my about my brother. I remember holding my head in my hands and my son giving me a kiss on my cheek and handing me a cup of peppermint tea. At that moment I felt better.

As the days went on and I continued to care for my brother, I noticed my son. I did not have to remind him to do his laundry or take out the trash. Several nights when I got in late, he would have the tea kettle on and my mug ready for me to make tea. A few times he would put something in my lunch container. I began to wonder -When did this happen? Is this my son? WOW!!

My son is maturing.