Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Family Mile-stone

WOOOOOSHHAAAAAAAA….. We have 47 days till graduation.  47… this is so surreal to me right now.  This is a HUGE event for a lot of reasons.  First, Man-child is about to step out into young adult hood.  I will find out whether or not all of the preaching, yelling, crying and praying has sunk into that hard head of his.  Like all parents, I am nervous and scared but like always, I have FAITH that all is well.   I know he will make mistakes and FALL… I just pray that he uses the wisdom I have given him and his FAITH will see him through it all.

Second, Man-child will be the FIRST of my mother’s eleven grandchildren to graduate from high school.  My nieces and nephews, there are six who are older than Man-child, dropped out of high school.  The girls eventually obtained their GED’s and are working and doing OK.  My nephews… we are still praying for them.   As many know, my nieces and nephews have been subjected to a lot from their parents.  At various times, they have lived with me and my mom.  Throughout it all, I have tried to keep things constant in their lives and I have put them first, sometime above Man-child.  But, in the end, they made their choices and they have to live with them – good and bad.  I have continued to support and encourage them.

Yes, this will be a BIG event for many reasons.  I Pray that this mile-stone will encourage Man-child to reach for Bigger and greater things in his life and that it encourage my nieces and nephew under him to REACH for higher ground.