Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22 - Happy Birthday Brandon Geoffrey

Today is a very important and emotional day for me.  At 3:50 pm on October 22, I delivered a 7 lb. 6 oz baby boy.  I remember how scary it was.  Correction – it has been scary from the time he was conceived until now.

 I look back at some of my blog post and think HOW DID I SURVIVE.  I remember holding him in the recovery room.  The nurse turned on the radio and Barry White was singing “My First, My Last, My Everything … At that moment, he was all of that and more.  I had ONE prayer

 To raise him to be a God Fearing Loving MAN.  Here is how I raised him….

With God First...   
18 months 



Lots of Love and Support from my Family and Sistah Friends 

Man child at 13 yrs. old

Today, My Man-Child is 18 Years Old.    ((SIGH))

Can you See me SMILE and CRY!! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Career Day at Morgan State University

Last week, I participated at Morgan State University Annual Career Day.  I had so much fun on the campus among all of the students. The atmosphere was Awesome and the students were great.  They asked a lot of great questions and they were very eager to learn about the various employers and what they had to offer. 
I called Man-child to let him know that I was on campus.  I was so excited that I would get a chance to see him in his new environment.  He called me at lunch time to let me know that he was there. 

When I looked up, I saw this young man dressed in shirt and tie.  He looked my son but I was not sure.   It was him.  I could not believe my eyes but then I could. (Naturally, he got mad when I pulled out my cell phone to take his picture - Smile) 

 We hugged and I told him how proud I was to see him.  I started to tell him about the various employers and what was going on.  Man child said “Ma, I already know.  I have been walking around talking to people and handing out my resume”.  I blinked.  And I blinked again. 

Did he just say he was handing out his resume?  I had to blink again.  Who was this young man  and where was my Man child?  He smiled and said he had to get ready for his next class.  He gave me a hug.  I watched this young man walk away from me. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Adjustments - Part 2

Last week, while sitting in a meeting, I received a 911 text from Man-child.  I immediately got up and went in the hall to call him. 

Me:  Hey. What’s wrong?

MC:  Ma, I don’t think I can do this anymore

Me:  Geoff, what’s wrong.?

MC:  *sigh*  I’m not doing well in math

Me:  What’s the problem?

MC:   I got two “Cs, a “D” and a “F”

ME:   Did you go to the tutor

MC:   Well, she was 20 min late and I only get 45 min with her.

So, you can see where this conversation was going.  

I tried to explain that it’s all part of adjusting.  College math is different than high school math – he just needs to be patient, talk to the instructor and maybe look for another tutor.  Man child was not ready to hear it.  He said that he would prefer to drop it and not ruin his GPA.  He stated that he does not want to take this course over and have to stay in school an extra year.  I explained that the goal is to finish in 4 years; but realistically, most people finish in 5 years.  I told him  not to look or think of that right now – just take one semester at a time. I told him that most freshmen go through this. I have faith that he can do this and that things will turn around.

I asked about his other classes and he said he was passing in them but since he has been putting in extra time studying math, he is afraid that his grade are going to drop.  We went over some things that may help and I told him that I was glad he recognized that he was having a problem and has been addressing it.  Again, I stressed for him to go back and talk to the instructor and to request another tutor.  He sighed very heavily and said “OK”.  I told him that I LOVED HIM and to remember that “ NO Weapon formed against us will Prosper”.. He laughed and said he had to get to his next class.

When I went back to the meeting, all I could do was think of my Man child.  I did not call him for a few days.  I did get my support group, my friend Stephanie (who was his first grade teacher) and cousin Jay, to give him a call of support. Man child called three days later and simply said things were ok and that he had another tutor.  I told him I was proud of him and to just say the word and I will come on the campus and  straighten those folk out.  He laughed and said "please don't".  He was OK.  

Praying for Man child