Monday, October 14, 2013

Career Day at Morgan State University

Last week, I participated at Morgan State University Annual Career Day.  I had so much fun on the campus among all of the students. The atmosphere was Awesome and the students were great.  They asked a lot of great questions and they were very eager to learn about the various employers and what they had to offer. 
I called Man-child to let him know that I was on campus.  I was so excited that I would get a chance to see him in his new environment.  He called me at lunch time to let me know that he was there. 

When I looked up, I saw this young man dressed in shirt and tie.  He looked my son but I was not sure.   It was him.  I could not believe my eyes but then I could. (Naturally, he got mad when I pulled out my cell phone to take his picture - Smile) 

 We hugged and I told him how proud I was to see him.  I started to tell him about the various employers and what was going on.  Man child said “Ma, I already know.  I have been walking around talking to people and handing out my resume”.  I blinked.  And I blinked again. 

Did he just say he was handing out his resume?  I had to blink again.  Who was this young man  and where was my Man child?  He smiled and said he had to get ready for his next class.  He gave me a hug.  I watched this young man walk away from me. 


  1. Oh Cilla, I am welling up as I read this! He is growing up! Be proud mom! Be very, very proud! :0)

  2. He's no longer a man-child, he's a young man. You did well (or is it good) 'Cilla.

  3. Cilla,
    That is a testament to good training. A great reflection on you!

  4. Wow. You prepared him for this. I'm so proud for both of you.

  5. Very nice. I know you are proud.


  6. I know how proud you are. There are many times you think your child is not listening or observing what you are doing and the example you are setting. And then moments like this start to happen and you just smile on the inside - as he was listening!

  7. That's MY nephew LOL Excellent !!!