Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teenagers And Coats

Yesterday, Mother Nature blessed us with another 4 inches of snow. School was 2 hours late and I decided to be 2 hrs late too. As I sipped my tea, I watched Man-child shovel snow. It was 28 degrees and he had on his hoodie jacket and ear phones. I do not understand why he refuses to wear a coat. He has two. I think of all the warnings that were given about H1N1, covering your coughs, and safety precautions. Health officials were talking to the wrong group of people.

I started the winter yelling at him about his coat. Then I gave up. Remembering my 2010 mantra - Relax, Listen and Look Inside for Answers - I decided to just wait for the reason to manifest. After getting dressed for school, Man-child had a cup of tea (the only thing we have in common), gave me a kiss on the cheek, put his sweat shirt on over his uniform, grabbed his ear phones and he was gone. Hmmmmmmm... I just watched and said nothing.

As I sat on the subway, I noticed that all of the teenagers were dressed like Man-child, even the girls. I noticed kids with only sweaters, jackets that were not button or zipped, no hats, no scarfs, no socks, jackets that barely covered their stomachs and more muffins tops than I cared to look at. Hmmmmmmm.... what are we teaching these kids. Wait.. it's not the adults - we have on our coats, sweater, etc. They do know that it is COLD with SNOW on the ground. RELAX - I say to myself. Then I laughed as I remembered my mother yelling at Man-child "you'll think twice once Arthur starts knocking on your door". Man-child looked at her with that "Oh" so stupid "What" look on his face. Too Funny

Later that day, Man-child called me to say that he would be late. He wanted to play football in the snow. HUH!! He hates sports. He said he thought it would be fun. When he got home, the temperature had begun to drop and Man-child was soaking wet. All I could do was look at him. "I know, I know", he said. "Imma take my wet clothes off but Mommy it was kinda fun". Again I said nothing. What could I say. After taking a shower, he started to complain about his runny nose, ear ache and sore throat. AH HA... Lesson being taught but I hope he is paying attention. Somehow, I don't think so.... What do you think?