Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Telephone Call

Today was one of those days where I just watched the clock and prayed for 5 pm.  I was clearing my desk and shutting the computer off, when my cell phone rang.  I picked it up and saw Man-child’s face.  Now, a few weeks ago, I would have been in a panic- is something wrong, did something happen, did he need something, do I have to go over there, did somebody hurt my baby.. and the questions could go on and on.  
Inhale... Breath.... 
I answered the phone:

Me:  Hey.

MC:  Hey Ma

Me:   Everything OK

MC:  Yeah.. I just wanted to call you and see how your day went.  (me – getting choked up)

Me:  I’m OK.  Just getting ready to go home.

MC:  Ma.. I just wanted to tell that I really should have listened to you.

Me:   What happen?

MC:  Nothing. It’s just that now I realized that a lot of stuff you told could have helped me and I just wanted to do what I wanted.  Now I have to pay for it.

Me:   (swallow) hmmmmmm

MC:  I mean - I know you went to college and stuff and had to do some of this stuff and I just should have listened. 

Me:   You know I am not going to tell you something that will hurt you or will not benefit you.  

MC:  I know.  Classes were good today. I had a quiz in History but that class is so boring – half of the class went to sleep.  But other than that I am ok.

Me:  Well you only have about 4-5 weeks left in the semester and Thanksgiving will be here very soon.

MC:  I know.. well I am going to let you go so you can get the subway home.  Text me so I’ll know you go home ok.

Me:  I will.. Love you

MC:  Love you more

Can you see me smile  J