Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Sick and Caring For Man-Child

There are times when I enjoy being sick. I can lay in bed, sleep and let the TV watch me. Then, there are times when I am home with Man-child and I just want to leave.

Late, Saturday I began to feel sick. I took some Therafu and called it a night. By Sunday, I really felt aweful. All I wanted to do was dream sweet dreams. By noon, Man-child got in bed with me and reminded me that I didn't cook breakfast. I told him that he was on his own for the day. When he did not move, I knew I was in trouble. Usually on the weekends, I cook a couple of different things that can last should last a few days. But with Mr. Eat-It-All-Cause-Tomorrow-Is-A-New-Day doesn't see it that way. He had already ate the Pizza cassarole I made on Friday (Thanking my sistah Sharon for that recipe), the last pieced of fish I fried and the salad. I told him to fix what ever.

At 2 pm, Man-child shakes me from a sound sleep and asks "how do I make macaroni?" Then he says, Never mind. Twenty minutes later, he asks "can I fix the tuna fish?" Again, I tell him to fix what ever he wants or go to his Grandmother. He said "she made meat loaf and I don't want any".. Well, you are not hungry.

At 3 pm, Man-child says "Hey Ma, can I grill those chicken breast?" Again, I say don't care. Then he says " well, where is the grill?" In the closet. Then he ask "What do I put on it?" Geoffrey... look in the cabinet. It gets quiet. I get up and go to the kitchen. He is standing there looking silly. The sink is full of dirty dishes from cereal, hamburgers, noodles, tuna fish and what ever else he has tried to cook. I tell him to clean the kitchen and I will fix him something to eat.

After three hours, I was able to fix him grilled chicken, rice with gravy, greens. I also made pasta salad for later and salmon cakes that he could place on the grill. Feeling exhausted, I crawled back to bed. Then, Man-child comes in the room and tells me that his friend LT invited him to dinner and he'll be back in a few hours. All I could do was rub my head and pull the covers up.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Man-child's Valentine

I knew it would happen sooner or later.
Man-child has a girl friend.

One weeks ago, we were shopping and he asked if he could pick something out for her as a gift. Well, Man-child picked up a teddy bear that cost $30 and a $20 box of candy. Problem - He only had $10. BREATH!!! Very delicately, I say, "This is an expensive gift. Let's go back and find something that you can afford" He rolled his eyes and I inhaled. We finally found a very nice box of candy with a teddy bear attached to it for $12.

This past weekend, his Dad BLESSED him with money to take his girlfriend to the movies. (I had to do a Hallelujah Dance) I listened as they worked out their plans. Man-child said "MOM, she is going to come over here and you can drive us to the movies". Problem - Man-child, you don't tell me what I am doing. You are suppposed to ask. INHALE... Once she arrives, we get in the car and he begins to send her text messages on the phone. HECK NO... TALK .. I dont' care what y'all are talking about (well, at least that's what I said out loud) I asked them what movie were they going to see. Both said "we don't know". Silence.

This was very awkward for me. Seeing him smile so much that his cheeks turned red. He changed his shirt at least four times, combed his hair, put polish on his sneakers (yep) and brushed his hair a minimum of six times. I am thinking "Dayummmm this what it's going to be like".

Inhale .. Breath.. Inhale.. Breath

Once we get to the mall, we stopped to see my cousin, who was promoting his new CD's for kids. Really, it was just my attempt to hang out a little while longer with them. I reminded Man-child that they were to remain at the mall, eat, see their movie and call me to come back to pick them up. He huffed and said I embarassed him -but I didn't care.

As I drove home, I thought about my son on his first date. Some would argue with me that 15 is too young to be dating. TRUE.. but I would rather take them then to have them sneaking around. I've watched too many of my friends SCREAM and HOLLER at their kids about dating. Unfortuneately, a lot of them have teenagers with kids. I also remembered some of the things I did at that age. GEESH!!!

I sat at home - half reading and watching the clock. As soon as the phone rang at 7 pm I was already in my coat and out the door. When I picked them up, they said the movie was "Good" and were silent again. I drove her home and I watched him walk her to the door. I laughed because he was trying to figure out if I was watching them and he began to whisper in her ear. (I think his attempt to get a kiss) When he got in the car, he said nothing and I just drove home.

These next few years are going to be difficult for me because I realized that minute that I am no longer the #1 Girl in my son's life. At least for now.

Inhale... Breath