Monday, May 16, 2011

Man-child And The Wine Coolers

When ever I attend a book signing or conference, I have wonderful time. I love meeting my Sistah friends from across the country and discussing books. I was even more excited that the Romance Slam Jam was in my home town and everyone finally was able to meet Man-child.

When I came home, I was still giggleing just thinking of all the fun we had. But, something was not right. You know that feeling you get that something happened and no one wants to tell you. I looked around the house and I could not figure it out. After the second day, I went to the closet to get an umbrella and I found it. Five wine coolers were missing. At first, I thought my nephew was here and he took them. Or maybe my mom - but she would not drink five. Hmmmmmm.... I go into Man-child's room and said "Hey, do you know who took my wine coolers?" He started to grin like the cat who just caught the last mouse. BUSTED!! He did not have to say anything else. Then he started to stutter and before he could form a lie, I told him to button his lips.

At first, I laughed. I could not believe that my silly child not only took them but he could not hide the fact that he drank them. I could not be too mad because I remember when I drank half a bottle of my mom's wine when I was 16 years old and refilled the bottle with Sprite. I think my brothers got that whipping.

After being mad and venting on line with my sistah friends, I had to think of a punishment. First, I made him call one of my sistah friends, Donnie, who laid him out for twenty minutes; I took his cell phone for two weeks; I told him that he had to wait another month before he gets his driver's permit and finally, I made him attend an AA meeting at the church. He was so mad he actually turned RED. I told him that anything could have happened to him if he was outside of the house. He said, " I wasn't drunk they just made me sleepy". DUH -cause you were drunk. We talked about relatives with drinking problems and other dangers of drinking.

Well, after the AA meeting, I got the silent treatment and he refused to eat dinner for three nights. I said nothing. I am just breathing until the next episode.


  1. Maybe you scared him sufficiently so that he learned his lesson. I guess he had to go through it. Let him be mad. He will be fine.

  2. Maybe you should take a different approach, and find out what he was thinking b4 he did it, and what drinking it actually did for him. Maybe talk to him about why u have the drinks, and how u got started. Just a thought, but I think raising a man child is all about empowering the man child with choices and options after he has been thoroughly educated. Not without boundaries, but u have spent so much time pouring into him the right thing, give him a chance to show you what's on the inside of him. Or you could always go gangsta and punch him in his throat or gut punch him in his chest.

  3. I learned something, because this is not the way I would have acted. I think I would still be yelling. Kids are crazy. I learned, once we were older, that my younger sister and brother did this and replaced the contents of different bottles with Coke. They never bothered to include me! LOL

  4. LOL! I just love your blogs Cilla! Iknow it was rough when it 1st occured, but as usual, you triumphed! Manchild is a lucky young man to have you, and you my sister are blessed with this wonderful child that you have raised! Kudos to you!!!
    :O) (Ro)

  5. YGG! he may be pissed off now, but the older he gets the smarter you'll get. Believe me.

  6. I agree with the above comments !