Friday, September 11, 2009

Lesson 1 - Learning The Hard Way

Last Friday, Sept. 4Th, I was on my way to have lunch with my friend, Stephanie. It was a wonderful day and I was I was enjoying one of many furlough days from work. As Stephanie and I prepared to leave, I got a call from my mom - Man-child went to my job. She said she asked him whether he had enough money to get home and he said "I'm alright". Hmmmmm something was up and I just had that feeling that something was not right. I called him on his cell phone and I got no answer. I left with Stephanie to take care of a few errands.

I was trying to enjoy my time with my friend but I could not let go of that nagging feeling that something was not right. I called Man-child's phone several times and I still got no answer. As the afternoon progressed, I got quiet. Where in the Heck could he be? One hour later, no Man-child and he still was not answering his phone. Two hours later - no Man-child. I am thinking - do I go look for him but where? Is he out with new friends? Did he spend his money? Too many questions and not a clue of where this child could be. My mom was calling me every 30 minutes with reports of "He ain't home yet!!" DUH - I know but what do you want me to do!! Stephanie, in her very quiet voice said, "Sis, I'll drive and we can go look for him if you want". I said "I know but where would we look? If he is walking, there are a million routes he could have taken". We sat and Stephanie keep me busy.

Almost three hours later, my Mom called and said he was home. After taking a breath and saying a quiet Hallelujah, I was better. When I walked in the house, he was sitting at the table - eating. I said nothing. I listened to him tell my mom that he forgot I was home. He used his bus card to get to my job, spent his money on food and forgot to charge is cell phone so he could not call. Finally I said "why didn't you call collect from a pay phone?". His response "I saw a homeless person standing next to one so I kept walking". "Well, what happened to the money I gave you for an emergency"? He said "Oh, I was thirsty, so I spent it". To give you an idea of how far he walked - it is a total of 6 1/2 miles from downtown Baltimore. After he ate, I watched him soak his feet, (he had on dress shoes not sneakers) and then he went to sleep.

One week later - today, it is raining buckets outside. Man-child left out of the house with no jacket, hat or umbrella. I just looked at him. Should I be worried? Not today. As the elders have said for generations " A Hard Head Makes For a Soft Behind" - Praying as he learns these lessons the Hard Way!! I just pray I survive.


  1. LOL! I have to laugh even though it isn't funny. However, one day he will say to his kids, I remember when I was young I had to walk bare feet from school to get home because we didn't have any money. LOL! Kids...SMH

  2. Your doing a great job and he will learn..I feel your pain

  3. He will get it eventually :) Poor thing I know he feet were killing him.

  4. Those stories were so familiar to me and I had girls - si it just not male children.

    And they learn and you survive with a couple of more gray hairs

    The you wait for the day when your grandchildren will do the same thing and their parents will call you with the same worries that you had as their children have done the same thing to them that they did to you.

    it must be a rite of passage

  5. Girl, the fact that Man-Child was soaking his feet was too funny. He learned that lesson--the hard, aching way. You'll get through this Cilla; just stay prayerful. You are doing a wonderful job!


  6. I so enjoy your Man-Child stories. You all are such a blessing to each other. He for having such a fantastic Mom and you for having a great son that keeps your faith in God growing. Keep your eyes and the prize my sistah you've got the right formular


  7. LMAO @ him SOAKING HIS FEET!!! PRICELESSSSS! God - U need to turn these into a book! I "smell" BEST SELLER!!