Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Summer Youth Works -Registration Nightmare

I was soo excited when I got the announcement for the Summer Youth Works Program. It is time for Man-child to get a J-O-B.

We arrived at the site a half hour early and there was a line - 100 kids ahead of us. I'm prepared with my book and Man-child, who was huffing and puffing about having to stand in line. Well, standing in line was interesting. Kids were yelling at their parents and talking very loudly on cell phones. There were also parents talking very loudly on their cell phones. When we entered the seating area, things got worse. I saw more butt cracks (from a few girls too), super tight jeans, too much cleavage, and tattoos that should have been hidden. Their were girls with pink hair, mohawks, no hair, green hair and one girls who had a mix of locs and permed hair. I sat there and thought "it's just temporary- they grow out of it". Then, I looked at some of the parents, who were dressed like their kids and I thought "maybe not".

After 3 hours, Man-child was called and like a good parent, I had all of his paper work - copy of birth certificate, SS Card, copy of report card, and work permit. 80% of the kids did not have some or all of their paper work and had to leave. When the parents were asked, more than half said " I lost it, where can I get and when do you need it". I thought "Duh - when the announcements were sent out, they told you what to bring". Ok.... Man-child and five other kids were given a W2 form, sexual harassment form and job preference form to complete. I watched and listen to the insructor tell them what each form was and how to fill it out. Two girls were sending text messages and two had ear buds in their ears. As expected, they asked him to explain it again. He went over the instructions again and raised his voice to get the girls to stop texting. Man-child was sitting there. After he submitted his forms, we were free to leave. I thought "3 hours to complete 3 forms that took 10 minutes". Geesh.

During the entire 3 hours, I think I only read about 4 pages in my book. Just watching the kids was unbelieveable. When we got in the car, Man-child said "so is this why you want me go to school?" I said "Well, it's one reason". We didn't say anything else on the way home. I decided to stop and get a salad for me and he got a cheese steak sub.

I can't wait to see what lessons we learn when the job starts this summer.


  1. Great experience, he's getting it. Too bad some of the parents haven't gotten it yet. Ms. Lady here is getting a summer job or doing an apprenticeship also wheter she wants to or not.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. You are such a wonderful mother. Man-child is truly BLESSED.

  3. If he didn't learn anything else from that experience, he learned that he did not want to be that in 20 years. You were on it; you are the greatest mom.


    Side note: They ought to ban cell phones on the job.

  4. Another wonderful story. I know it was rewarding to you when Man-Child had the ah-ha moment. More will be coming as he has been paying attention and you have done all of the right things to make sure he stays on the right path.

  5. It seems he's already learned one important lesson. Just watching that circus probably was good for him--to see how he stands out.

  6. You are always on the case. Shame about those kids LOL

  7. i think he's going to learn quickly that he needs to RUN a business instead of joining many more cattle calls. this took me back to my days of SYEP in DC!

    Can't wait to hear more! :-)