Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back To School 2010-2011

Getting ready for school is always a challenge - school supplies, uniforms, shoes and hair cuts. Man-child, like all kids, was not excited or interested. The first day of school could have been considered a sit-com.

Man-child woke up at 6 am. He walked around the house like he never seen it before. After his shower, he turned on the computer and started checking email and his game stuff. I said nothing until 7:30 am - that's when the show began and I found my seat at the dining room table.

7:35 am - Ma, do you know where my uniform shirts are? You put them in your room

7:38 am - Ma, have you seen my hair brush? NO

7:42 am - Ma, do we have any extra tooth brush? What happen? I put mine on the bed and Rosa chewed it. (Rosa is our Mini-Doberman) Look in the closet

7:45 am - Ma, have you seen my belt? No, Geoff

7:46 am - Ma, I can't find my back pack! It was in your room

7:49 am - Ma, what time do I have to be at school this week? 8:30 Geoff

7:51 am - Ma, I burned my eggs can you make me something to eat? Never mind, I call the sub shop and order a sandwich.

7:55 am - Ma, do you know where my cell phone is? No
Never mind, I found it... OMG I forgot to charge it - can you pull it in while I finish getting dressed. Ok

8:02 am - Bye Ma, I am leaving

WHEW.... I was exhausted and all I did was sit at the table and watch. I only prayed the he got to school on time. It didn't matter that I spent week reminding him to get his things together. I didn't matter that I put things where he could find them but he rearranged them. I just hope that the rest of the school year gets better


  1. he did all of that and was still ready to leave by 8:02am...I'm impressed. Hopefully it will get better as the school years progresses.

  2. LOL---girl, I'm glad you just sat by and observed. Kinda reminded me of Celie in The Color Purple when Mister was running around the house getting dressed to see Shug. You were cool and calm. Very good.

  3. @ Edwina.. I forgot that but you are right...I am determined to get thru the school yr. without yelling :-) since school has stared, he has been doing the same routine - I'll just watch till he gets it

  4. Great Cilla.
    yo and man-child need your own reality show. I would watch! LOL! Hope the rest of the year goes smoothly.

  5.'re priceless. He will do just fine this school year.

  6. that's when the show began and I found my seat at the dining room table
    Hi-la-ri-ous! Whew! You will look back and laugh. Kids. Boys. Gotta love 'em.

  7. Reminds me of Celie in the Color Purple watching Mister run around getting dressed to see Suge Avery at the Juker joint, she just sat there and watched him run around looking crazy. Good luck so far I don't have that problem Jasmine is too busy getting up and putting on makeup before she makes her appearance.