Saturday, December 4, 2010

Man-child and the Lie Part 1

I always know when Man-child is up to something - he volunteers to do things. This morning after he helped my mom and her friends at the market, he raked 6 bags of leaves, gave Rosa a bath, and cleaned the bathroom. I am just waiting ....

The phone rings and he takes it into his room. BINGO!!!! After ten minutes, he comes out of his room, gives me hug and says "Hey Ma, need me to do anything else". Without looking at him I said "spill it". Pay attention to this conversation.....

"Well, if it's ok - I wanted to go to the movies with my friends"

"What friends, Geoff?

"Oh, You don't them".

"Why don't I know them? How do you know them and what movies are you going to?"

"The one in Owings Mills to see Harry Potter. We were going to catch the subway".

"So, how many is we and who are you going with?"

"Ummmm, well I was going to meet Olympus at the movies".

"I thought you said it was a few kids going. Now it's just you and Olympus?!!

"Well, I am not really sure if they can all go but Olympus called and said she can go".

"So, how did we get from a bunch of kids to just one? what makes you think you can go on a date.

"It's not a date .. I just told her we could go to the movies for her birthday".

"If it's not a date, then what do you call it? And why hasn't her mother called to talk to me?"

Ok... so now my dandruff is up. Did he really think I was born yesterday. After went over his story again, He confessed that he promised to take her to the movies. There were others kids that were going to go but now they can't. So, what made him think I was going to allow him to go. After giving him the evil eye, I had to really yell at Man-child. First, don't ever give me Half-truths, don't make plans unless you check with me first, and don't make promises you can't keep.

Brrrrinnnnggggg.. Phone call for Geoff. Miss Olympus is at the theatre waiting for him. I really wanted to tell the young lady to GO HOME. I drove him to the theatre. Olympus said her mother knew she was meeting him at the movie theatre and she was to go directly home after it ended. Well... she certainly will .. cause I'll be at the movies waiting when it lets out so that I can take her home and meet this Momma.


  1. Cilla, you handled this very well lady. Keep your antennae up at all times now because it's the hormones & girlfriend stage. And it appears Man-child's nose is a little wide open. Be sure he understands that trust is fragile and has to be constantly earned--it's not a once & forever kind of thing. But once it's gone, it may not ever be earned again---time will tell. Breathe!

  2. You handled it well. This might be his first love and do sill things.

  3. You're good! My mom would have gone into the movie with us and sat in between us! lol Hopefully, he learned something tonight...

  4. Cilla,
    I like your style. Oh the young. I never could figure out why they think they can pull the wool over a mother's eyes. Especially yours.

  5. I agree with all the above..! Keep up the good work..he's going to appreciate all your day LOL

  6. Too funny. I used to tell my daughter, there is nothing you are trying to do that I didn't do or try to do. Again, as the others have said, you are doing good. Can't wait for Part II.

  7. @ Cilla...rotlfmao...
    'Well... she certainly will .. cause I'll be at the movies waiting when it lets out so that I can take her home and meet this Momma.'
    You handled it well...I like your style and hmmm I also like all that work that Man-child did to as he schemed to get over on

  8. I am waiting to see if the mom really knew. I would be willing to bet the girl starts begging you not to take her home. But then again, some she may be a mom that is not worried about it.

    side note:when will our kids learn we have tried and done it all. Nothing is new.

  9. I just smiled as I read your latest blog. Had the same conversation with both daughters and my oldest daughter has already had this same discussion with oldest son.
    Wondering if this is not another rite of passage.

  10. LOL! These kids will try anything to get over. You did good. You always do. Can't wait to hear the rest.

  11. I've noticed parents don't meet their childrens parents anymore. It's sad. My house used to be the "house" in the neighborhood all the kids hung out at. I preferred it that way because I know I treat my children right. Anywhooo, I rarely saw any of the children's parents unless I sought them out. And you know I'd ask, "Do your parents know you're here. Do you need to check in." The parents just didn't care. I'd kick kids out before it got dark and tell them to head home. Sheeesh.