Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Days

I have been in the house since January 25, 2011 thanks to the weather man. He started the week by stating we would get a dusting of snow, to 1 inch of snow, and finally 2-3 inches of snow. Well, we got more. I wasn't upset. After all what better way to celebrate your birthday - in the house on a snow day. Not just one day, I was Blessed with 3 whole days of bliss - oh, so I thought. I spent 3 days home with my Man-child.

Being home with Man-child on the first day was ok. He shoveled the snow, I cooked, and then we went to our corners (bedroom) and left each other alone. By day 2, the problem begins. He begins to eat every 2 hours. Just as I reached for the last slice of devil's food cake, he takes it. All of the kool-aid is gone, my snack crackers and chips. Then, he starts to eat the healthy food - yogurt, carrot sticks, salad, fruit cups and the rice cakes. I just smile and reason that being in the house is a good thing.

Later in the evening, here comes Man-child with a question "Do you know what I can do?" Well, it's snowing again. I tell him you can go out and shovel, go visit your friends or you can invite someone over for a few hours. He just looks at me and walks away. Then he starts pacing the floor like a caged animal. So I tell him - "why don't you do your laundry, clean your room or walk the dog". He looks at me like I grew another head. In the meantime, I am relaxed with not a care in the world.

Day 3 begins to get to me. He jumps in bed with me. Whew.. . "When was the last time you took a shower?" He looks at me like I am crazy and says "I'm not going any where". True - but we have to live here. Then he wants to lie his head in my lap and watch TV. All I want to do is read. I tell him -go get the playing cards. He doesn't want to do that. So I tell him - show me again how to play guitar wars -he says no because I still can't hold the guitar right. So I asked to play something else and he gives me 10 reasons why I can't play (and I hate to admit it, he was right on all counts). OK.. let's get dressed and go to the mall or movies. He doesn't want to do that either. Now, I am truely sick and frustrated. I go back to my room and say the Heck with it - I tried.

Today is Saturday. I am watching him eat and talk on the telephone. As much as I love snow days, I don't ever want to be in house with him this long again. Pray I make it throught the rest of the weekend.


  1. What ever happened to the internet? He doesn't play WOW (World of Warcraft). That is what keeps Evens busy. He hasn't touched his room or wash clothes; Please, would I ever make such a suggestion. My friends are calling telling me how their kids are making extra money by shoveling snow. Mine can't even do ours right. Thanks for sharing as always.

  2. LOL. To much togetherness can ruin the best of relationships. I guess Manchild was tired of his computer.

  3. Wow, Man-child is getting bored with being off from school. I'm not surprised that he's eating you out of house & home; that's what teens do. But he's not on the computer, doesn't want to play cards or Wii or even go to the mall or movies? Wow. Well, at least the phone is working so he can talk to friends. Tell him to play some online games if he comes in your room again.

  4. rotflmao great story and too funny...yep a little too much bonding can do the best of us in...hehe.