Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now That The Summer Is Over.....

I have been sitting at my desk, watching the rain fall, listening to the thunder and thinking about the past three months.  It has been rough but it has been that way for everyone.   Everyone is complaining about being over worked, loss of and lack of money, and a million of other things.  I must admit, I was doing the same thing.  I started the summer with a lot of optimism but half way through it, I became depressed thinking of all the things I needed and wanted to do but could not.  In the midst of it all, Man-child helped me to see the brighter side to it all. 

Man-child completed last school year with an overall GPA of 86.8 and I wanted to do something special with and for him this summer.  He started the summer with a part-time job that suddenly ended.  I was more upset about it than he was.  I did not want him sitting at home in front of the computer all day and I could not afford to just give him money to do the things he wanted all of the time.  Instead, Man-child was my all-around-helper.  He went to the market with his grandmother and her friends (all over 68 yrs old) and helped them with shopping and carrying bags; he baby sat for his cousins (my niece has 3 kids ages 7, 4 and 3 and they are true Rugrats); he accompanied my brother to his medical appointments so I would not have to take off from work; and he proved that he is a very good handy man around the house.  Man- child did all of this without complaining or asking to be rewarded.  I treated him to a game or two (when I could afford them) or special trips to his favorite restaurant.  He did not complain when his computer died.  I began stressed trying to find money to get him a new one but he stated that he was fine using my laptop.  In fact, since we have been sharing the one computer it works much faster than before.  Despite all of this, I was depressed because I wanted him to have fun and be able to do things like his friends and go places.  One day, Man-child said “Ma, don’t stress – I’m just glad I can help.”

I thought about what he said for a few days and I realized that my son was no longer my Man-child.  He has managed to mature and grow up while I was stressing over the cancelled vacations, the things I could not buy and the money I did not have.  He managed to be helpful and somehow have fun this summer while I just caused more gray hair to appear (well actually, I cut all of my hair again).   

 School is back in session and things are just about back to normal -he forgets his lunch money, forgets to charge his phone, he gets up half hour early to finish homework and all the other stuff I have grown accustom to during the school year. I realize now that Man-child is more of a Man than I realize.  I, Thank God for that Blessing.   


  1. Very nice so glad he was helpful doing the summer and very responsible...but glad to see that he's also still enjoying being a teen. Well done mom...well done.

  2. My sainted mother-in-law (RIP), mother of nine, advised that you have to grow with your children. It seems that you are doing just that. Good on you. You've obviously done a good job!

  3. You taught him well; he's only doing what he learned from you :)

  4. Man-child is now showing the fruits of your labors. Enjoy your mature young man.

  5. That's my nephew!!! I'm so happy and proud of you both!