Monday, June 24, 2013

Man-child's New Job

            Man child started his summer job through the city’s youth works program.  We are very excited because he has applied in the past and has never been selected.  The program is only for 6 weeks but it is better than nothing.

                Preparing for this summer job came with my usual reminders and hints – make sure you have something clean to wear; make sure you have all your paper work together; be sure to check the bus schedule so you know when to leave and how long it takes to get there; make sure you have exact bus fare; make sure you have your cell phone and it’s charged; and if you are not taking lunch, make sure you have money to buy something to eat.  I got the usual response “I know Ma”.  Man child asked “do you think I should set my alarm clock?”  My reply “Yes, since you will be heading to college in a few months, you need to get in the habit of setting your clock and getting YOURSELF up cause I am NOT going to be there”.

                The big day arrived and at 5:45 am his alarm clock rang and I heard him hit the snooze button.  For the next 20 minutes the clock sounded every five minutes and he hit the snooze button.  I sat at the dining room table, drinking my tea, wondering how long I should let this continue.  Finally, at 6:20 am, he headed to the bathroom.  Then, he decided that the shirt he wanted to wear needed to be washed. He ran to the basement to put a small load in the washer.  I said nothing.  At 7:15 am, he was looking for his hair brush, the iron and his wallet.  I asked again, “do you have everything you need and enough money?”  His reply “Ma, I got this”. 

                I left my house for work at 7:45 am.  Man child was still running around in this underwear.  I estimated that he should have left the house by 8:15 am to catch his bus at 8:25 am.  It is about a 20 minute bus ride so he should arrive at the job site on time.  I sat on the train with my kindle reading a scripture to start my day.  Then, I let out a HUGE breath and I said a prayer for my Man- child.


  1. You're growing up Cilla, and I'm so proud of you. That was the proper way to handle the situation.

  2. 'Cilla, I loved this. Congratulations! I hope the remaining five weeks go well, too. Let's all say a prayer for your Man-Child.