Sunday, May 3, 2009

Annual Cleaning Of Man-Child's Room

This weekend, Man-child went camping with his scout troop. Hallelujah!!! We needed a break from each other. I made a list of all the things I wanted to do - movie, visit some friends, very LONG Bubble bath, sleep late, take a nap and go shopping. YEAH!!!! Needless to say, I didn't do any of them. I took the time to clean Man-child's room.

Mind you, before he left, he said he cleaned it. I've learned from past experience that my son is very creative in cleaning (remember the multiple sets of sheets on his bed) . I got all of my cleaning supplies and I was ready for combat.

Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought. On the upside, I found his remote to the t.v. (he has been looking for that for a month), his house keys ( I had another set made), his calculator, computer flash drive, wireless remote to the computer and the case for MY cellphone. On the downside, I found 8 plastic water bottles, 3 soda cans, 6 forks, 2 spoons, one green sandwich, 2 letters from his teacher (addressed to me from March that I am not going to follow up on), and three bath towels (well that's a good thing compared to last year when I found a dozen). So I am thinking, NOT BAD!! I also took the time to go through his closet and purged clothes that he could not wear or have not worn. I found at least 4 pair of pants with tags still on them and a few shirts. (Made of list of things to buy for the summer -- Uggggg )

All in all, I was exhausted but it felt good. After I thought about it ... this was a piece of cake compared to last year. When he came home, he just Thanked me for finding all the lost goods and returned to ignoring me. Prayerfully, there will be a day when I won't have to clean his room.

By the way, I did take an extra LONG Bubble Bath. :-)


  1. Thank you for sharing yours and Man-Child's highs, lows on this journey called life.

    I've traveled this journey with both of my sons ( now 24 1/2 & 19 yrs old) and one very rebellous daughter (31 1/2). I can laugh now but it sure wasn't funny back then.

    Hugs, Janice

  2. You've got enough stories for a book! You ought to be on morning TV with your nice hardcover book of ManChild Tales. A green sandwich, huh. Goes well with the furry cokes that I used to find (lol)

  3. lol yes prayerfully there will be a day...hopefully he will go away for college and never return home permanently.

  4. Cilla,
    you are a gem honey!My son is only four so I can only imagine your joys(lol) Just keep the good work, being a great mom and he'll appreciate you for even though he may not post on a billboard...

  5. Hi Sis:

    Since you're in the mood to clean, wanna hop on a plane to tackle my crew's room??

    And I with you, I want to see four empty bedrooms one day!!

  6. Oh, 'Cilla! Too funny. You're a saint!

    I'm glad you were able to take the bubble bath.

    Huge hugs!


  7. Hey Cilla,
    Maybe he will get better each year until he leaves for college. A green sandwich-eooww!

  8. LOL@ Yas!!! :O)

    SOOOOO glad it wasn't as bad as last year. The sheets STILL have me cracking up!! :o)

    Green sandwich...YUCK!!!

  9. LOL. I hope you hadn't purchased new silverware. It sounds like he had almost the entire set in his room. That was hilarious, 'Cilla. I've been reading the blog posts and I have to agree with Niambi, you should publish these. People with men-children of their own could certainly relate and the rest of us would certainly find the ups and downs of parenting interesting and hella funny! :-)

  10. At least he is getting better. He didn't have multiple sheets on the bed this time - that was a classic LOL

  11. Girl, this brings back memories. And after reading your experiences, I'm happy they are just that: memories! Glad you made it through relatively unscathed and I am sure the room looks and smells much better.


  12. Memories... but really no different from what I went through with with my daughters.
    And yes it is interesting to understand what children will do to say they "cleaned" their room.
    Sometimes the best remedy is to close the door to their room and take another bubble bath.

  13. I will be cleaning my kids room when they are in NY for five weeks. I can only imagine the gems I will find in their rooms.

    I can counting down the years I have left to go to get rid of each and everyone of them. I am tired of cooking and cleaning. They can visit but they can't stay is what I keep telling them.

  14. Hi there!

    It is interesting that I would find this blog because I had a discussion at my forum two weeks ago about black women who are raising boys and I would have loved to have more personal experiences.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!