Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bonding with Man-child

I am always trying to find different ways to bond with my son. We are really oil and vinegar - he likes math,I like like english; he likes anime cartoons, I like the Flintstones; he prefers to play video games, I love to read.

Sunday, I asked him to teach me how to play a video game. Man-child saved his money and purchased that Guitar Hero game (I know I am not saying it right) for his computer. It the same game that the Nintendo WII has but now there is one for the computer. He showed me how to hold the guitar and press all of the colors. It really seemed simple, so I was ready to play a song. Man-child said "Let's start with the Tutorial". "NO.. I wanna play a song". After looking at the selections, I was like "DUH - these are all rock n roll songs. Don't they have any R &B. He reminded me that it was Rock legends. We go through the list again and I recognize a song by the Rollin Stones. Needless to say, I could not play one correct note on the Tutorial. I must have tried it 5 times. We went back over it again -and I was beginning to see his frustration, so I said "you do it and let me watch". The boy is a PRO. He went right to expert level and went through 3 songs. I went back to the Tutorial and this time I got 3 right notes. I was soo happy. He just said "OK, are you done yet?" That was my hint - bonding time is over.

I've been thinking about that day all week and I have to admit it was fun. We spent about an hour and a half together and I still can't play the game. I'll probably wait a while before I ask to play again. Maybe I finish the Tutorial... :-)


  1. This is so cute. Nice bonding time with Man-Child.
    But don't feel bad as my eight year old granddaughter had me looking like a 1 yr old when she showed me how to "play".

  2. You just wait - I'm waiting for the day when you tell us that you're hooked on Guitar Hero! :) I hear it has that effect on grownups as well (lol)

  3. I have yet to play Guitar Hero or WII. They are foreign to me. As much as you worked his nerves, I bet he enjoyed his time bonding with you.

  4. Guuuuurrrllll you'd best learn how to cheat. When his butt is at school or with his buddies. Learn some game, then knock his socks off that you actually can play next time.

    You are doing a fantastic job with him. He's lucky to have a mom like you.


  5. LOL...At least you got three notes right! You should sneak and practice when he's not home so you can shock the mess out of him the next time you two play together.

  6. Rhea Alexis M. BanksApril 29, 2009 at 4:53 PM

    Good for you...........when he's not there you practice so you can shock him the next time.

    UNDERSTAND.......I feel like that when I do sometyhing with the 18.11 year old, the 24 year old don't sit still long enough for us to do anything together.

  7. Thanks everybody... I may try to play when he is not looking. I want to be good at atleaset one thing. :-)

  8. 'Cilla, that is an adorable anecdote. Thank you so much for sharing. And kudos to you for perseverin with the game. I would have been tempted to say, "Holla at me when they have a song by Patti LaBelle." LOL!



  9. Too Cute!! You need to watch Purple Rain and play that guitar like Wendy!!! He'd be shocked! :-)

  10. Cilla,
    Keep trying at least you took the time to spend time with him when most wouldn't have dared because they didn't know how. I'm like the other ladies when he is not at home practice then after you get good ask him to play again and surprise him

  11. Awww, that's cute! Playing the with an actual video game system is a lot easier than playing on the computer. I play Tiger Woods PGA Tour with my kids and husband all the time. And of course, they let me get my Pacman Glad you spent time with your son doing what he likes. That's really important to them, even if they act like it isn't :)

    Stay peace

  12. We have Rock Band for the Wii and believe me I do the singing because I can. I don't mess with the instruments at all. But I understand about just having the bonding time.