Friday, April 3, 2009

The Best of Man-Child

Making the decision to write a blog was not easy for me. I am not a writer. I have always wanted to write but I did not think I had anything interesting to tell or write about.

Raising Man-child has been a 24/7 job; one that I did not think would be this difficult. In fact I prayed for a "Funky, Stinky, Little Boy". Well, I got it and then some. My friends are in tears as I scream about the things this boy does. UNBELIEVEABLE After I have screamed, yelled and watched a new gray hair pop into place, I realize that he is funny. I hope by putting my trials, tribulations, heartaches and successes for everyone to see, I am able to help someone else that is going through the same things. I also Pray for the support, advise and encouragement.


3. Be Specific with instructions - While cleaning his room, while he was away camping, I noticed that Man-Child had 4 sets of sheets on the bed. I asked him why - his response, "You never told me to take the dirty sheets off".

2. Make Him take ownship for his actions - To avoid doing a science project, he told his teacher that I could not afford to buy the supplies he needed due to the recession and his father's decision not to pay child support money. The teacher bought the supplies for him and offered me a part-time job. I made him work at her store to pay for the supplies.

1. A cure for Nakedness - Man-child had a habit of walking around the house Naked. I keep explaining to him that he was not my little boy but this Man -Child with things that I did not need to see. He reason "You are my MOMMY- it doesn't matter". Well one sunday, while gettng ready for church, I decided to change my bra and took it off and walked out of the bathroom - TOPLESS. He yelled "MOMMY, That's NASTY- Cover those things up". I told him, "When you were nursing it was not a problem. He said " But I'm not supposed to see those things" to which I responded "That's exactly the same thing I've been telling you". Well now he wears his robe all the time.

So what is your favorite Man-child story?


  1. Cilla -

    You are a wonderful writer and storyteller. It is always a delight to read one of your Man-Child stories and then I tell others and they also find the both entertaining and informative.

    My fav Man-Child story is the one about Nakedness.

  2. Cilla,

    Man-Child is too funny. I was crackin' up reading this post. I would have to say my favorite story was the sheets on the bed.

    I agree with Beverly, you are a wonderful storyteller :)

  3. Cilla,

    These were priceless. Man-Child is a mess and you are doing a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing.

    It's so helpful to see what other moms do.


  4. LOL...what great examples esp. that last one...gurl...Man-Child is something else...but I'm sure he appreciates and loves his mommy even if he doesn't always show it.

  5. My favorite story is the sheets. Reminds me of my son at that age. When we bought a new house, he actually thought we were leaving the furniture; thought that furniture came with a house.

  6. Cilla,

    You and Man-Child need a reality show. You guys are too funny. You a mighty mama with the ability to things in the proper perspective and dole out come-uppance with love. You are doing a wonderful job.

    My fav Man-Child is about the science project.

  7. Cilla,

    Me again. I am the anonymous one of the 6th comment. sorry about that I inadvertently check the wrong box. But I still say great job!!!!

  8. Hey Cilla

    My favorite was the sheets AND the

    You guys are a hoot! My boys are coming of age and the stories, the

    You are a wonderful mom.

    Stay peace

  9. Too funny! There's never a dull moment with Man-Child! :-)

  10. My favorite story is the sheets. I had a son that I had to be very specific with, so I truly understand but that story topped the cake for me. Buttttttt, I love 1. A cure for Nakedness can really think fast, LOL. WONDERFUL JOB!!

  11. I love 'em all and love you too...


  12. I have two soon to be Man-Child here with my Diva. The things they say and do.

    I have to agree with Man-Child for #1 is you said put clean sheets on the bed you never did say take the diry ones off. But my favorite is the nakedness. Got to love it.

    Keep on doing what you've been doing, because you are an awesome mother.

  13. This was a wonderful blog. There are so many that can benefit from your insight.


  14. You know, the story about the sheets made sense in a twisted kind of way. :) I find myself having to be very specific with my husband and I suspect that males just think differently.

  15. Cilla, I love a cure for that is what I'm talking about give them a taste of their own medicine... And I agree with everybody else you have a flare for writing keep going

  16. Thanks for the laughter today. I really needed this. You and your MIT (man in training) should have your own reality show. That or you should write them all and put them in a book. Laughter is good for the soul. :-) My favorite one was the Nakedness. Had me screaming1
    Thabks Cilla!

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